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Delight Yourself in the Lord - I

Psalm 37:4
Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

I have spent sometime thinking about, how can I delight myself in the Lord. For a practical person in a practical world, we find some of the words in the Bible need to be described practically and elaborated more.
Here’s what the word ‘delight’ means: be pampered, be happy about and make merry over (Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew definitions), according to Webster, it is a high degree of pleasure or satisfaction of mind; joy. Delight is a more permanent pleasure than joy, and not dependent on sudden excitement.
This is what delight means. Yet, we still need to know the ‘how’ of being delighted in the Lord. I can say it like this: delight yourself: keep happy because you already believe and know Him. You know He’s more careful about you more than you are about yourself. He cares for you every bit of a second. He is your healer. He is your provider. He is your destiny holder. He is your peace. He is your light and guidance. He is the One Who orders your steps and establishes them. He is just to not forget your labor. He is a rewarder of your faith. He is faithful not to leave you wandering around, lost, rather He is faithful to lead you to the end. He is love and He loves you dearly and faithfully all the time.
He is not unfaithful to break His promise. He is not a liar to say and not do. He is not unjust not to bring your righteousness to the show.
Now you can rest, celebrate, rejoice and please yourself in Him. Rest happily and confidently in Him and just spend your time delighted, happy, pampered and cuddled by your Father. Then you also know that He will give you the desires, requests and petitions of your heart.

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