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This section is divided into two parts; history makers and quotes by great men. The first is for small biographies about great Christian personalities who were revivalists, reformers, preachers, commentators, martyrs etc.. who played a major role in the history of Christianity. Each biography consists of 4 paragraphs; the first talks about the historical background of this person, the second; his life, the third, his major works and the last is a reflection on this character's life. Honestly, it is unjust for these great people to be written about them only four paragraphs when their lives have held much and much of power, prayer, passion and persecution. However, here comes the purpose of this site, is that it just gives a flavor of history and not the whole subject demonstrated.

The second part of the History section is Quotes by Great men. You can either search quotes by topic of character. Also there's much and much these people have said that would be unfair to just put it in a site. Having their writings would mean even much if we read them in context of when they said those quotes. The site just supplies a flavor of some of the most inpirational quotes.

Please check this site continuously, there are always new quotes and bios added week after the other. Also if you have any comments about any articles, bios or anything, make sure to note them in the contacts page. Enjoy the surf !!


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