If thou seekest her[wisdom] as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures (Proverbs 2:4)
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Aim of the Site:

     This site aims to provide helpful material in different areas of person's life. It is your positive online general magazine. It targets supplying efficient Christian resources, health tips, also interesting historical records as well as general links you would find both useful and enjoyable.

Letter From Administrator:

     The idea of this site has been inspired while I was in the Junior year of studying Computer Science at around 2002. Everyday while i was working on projects I browsed the internet for some encouraging biblical stuff that would ignite my spirit live wholly to God. The idea of this project is to encourage college people to write articles, journals, research verses, quotes or whatever Christian biographies or events to share them online. Please feel free to let me know if you want to add things to this site, share some constructive thoughts online.


     This site aims to show the will of God towards the whole person: Spirit, Soul and Body. Just as it talks the Word of God to bring unbelievers to the savior of humanity; Jesus Christ, it helps believers understand more of the Word of God while being in their workplaces, colleges as well as homes. It also talks history to encourage every person to know how much role he can play in shaping the history of his enviornment, it helps build the soul by encouraging every person's intellect to let it work for God just as people of the past did, e.g. Martin Luthur and others. It also helps talk inspiring quotes by such people that would build a soul full of emotions to God and His plans. In addition to that it has health tips that would build a strong body with benefitial excersising and right diets that would make a person fit for his Creator's use and ready to carry His plans on earth.


      First of all I would like to thank the God of all good and constructive ideas. Thank You Father. I also thank the Savior of all mankind, Jesus, the healer of all hurt and the powerful bondage- breaker. Thanks to the Spirit of Wisdom given to us so that we could call God, "Father!".
     My parents, dad, for all your help, I can't thank you enough! Mom, thank you for your patience, consistent prayers and comfort you always gave me. My brother and my sister for your encouragments.
     The Assembly group, thank you for all the times we spent together, it was real fun. Thank God for you guys, it was not a chance that we came together.
Heliopolis Evangalical Church, thank you for giving me the chance to share my heart with you. I will not forget your continous encouragments all the way through, help and concern. I love you guys. You were always in my mind while working on this project.
     Hany Wissa, thank you for your continous encouragments, verses you send via email and prayers all the time.
I have much names to mention and thank for this project but I don't want to miss anyone.
Special thanks to Dalia and Manal for suppling me with useful books to implement this project. Thanks to Bassem Sobhy for getting me resources I wanted desperately.

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